How To Play

Follow these easy steps to have the best game experience:

  1. Look over the Game’s Rule page to get up to speed on how the game will operate.
  2. Check the Game Markets page to help find the market TV channels and Radio frequencies you may be interested in using. This game follows real life TV allocations and Radio frequencies.
  3. Check out the TV Listings and Radio Listings to see what stations already exist in this game.
  4. Check out the Forum. Be sure to sign up with your company’s name on the forum (you will use this company name to apply for a station). You can browse around to see how the game is organized and where other players are posting their threads.
    1. Remember the forum is where the game will happen!
    2. You will post content for your station on the forum!
    3. You can communicate with other players and game staff via the message system on the forum!
  5. Finally, you are ready to apply for your station. Please use the TV Station Application, and/or the Radio Station Application form.
    1. You can only apply for what is currently available (not taken by another player)!
    2. Be sure you submit your logo for your new station!
  6. Now head over to the forum. Once your station has been approved, you can begin posting all your station’s content!